The Christ Window: The "Perfect" Gift

"What should we give?"

"Everybody is giving something: pews, altar hangings, a chalice."

"Even the little kids are giving something.  They are collecting copper pennies for a copper steeple."

"What should we give?  We want something really special.  What should it be?"

This is the essence of a conversation held by Immanuel's 1953 Youth Fellowship as they pondered the nature of the perfect gift to give in their name to the new sanctuary being built to replace the wooden church that burned.

Somehow the answer came to them - a stained glass window to go above the altar, something beautiful, special, meaningful - a reminder always of the Youth Group's love of the church.

For fifty-two years, Christ's image has gleamed in the Immanuel Sanctuary, reminding all of the guiding light of this church.

The gift was, and is, perfect.

Perfection in all ways.

Excerpt taken from booklet entitled: Immanuel United Church: A Church for the Family of God, at the Entrance to Old Town Spring, Border Street at Spring Cypress Road.  Published by the Faith and Capital Committee of Immanuel Church, 2005-2006, pg. 33.

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Updated  December 4, 2019

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