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April - Easter's Resurrection

April 1, 2018

     One of the traditions that I love the most about Easter is the decoration of the church with flowers.  I love the Easter lilies and hydrangeas that cover the front of the church, and the Easter cross that is covered by flowers.  The flower is a wonderful symbol of the new life that God gives us through Jesus Christ.  Every spring, and especially this spring, the earth comes back to life after its time of dormancy in the winter.  Flowers bloom as plants prepare to reproduce and create new life.  The beauty in each flower can also be compared to the new bodies that we will receive in the resurrection.

     But the good news of Easter applies to our lives not only in the springtime when flowers are in bloom, but in all the seasons of our lives.  The good news of the resurrection is true whether we are experiencing a time of great joy and good fortune or whether we are in a season of despair and grief.

The good news of Christ’s resurrection also feeds our faith when the path we walk is not bright with light.  When we feel despair, hopelessness, and can't see our way, we can believe that God will take our impossible situations and help us turn them into triumphs.  If God could handle death, can God not take care of whatever problem that confronts you today?

     We know that when you're dead, you're dead.  Right? – Right!  Unless God comes on the scene.  And that's exactly what Peter keeps saying in Acts; "You killed him, but God raised him from the dead."  If God did this impossible thing for God’s Son, then God will do the same for you.  After humanity has done its worst, God does God’s best.

     Got any rivers you think are uncrossable; got any mountains you can't tunnel through?  God specializes in things thought impossible; God does the things others cannot do.  Your problem is not bigger than God.  God said through the prophet Jeremiah (32:27), "Nothing is too difficult for me."  Jesus said, "All things are possible to the one who believes (Mark 9:23)."  So, are there some impossibilities you face in your life today?  Maybe it is the impossible situation of a fractured relationship.  Maybe a friend has left you disillusioned, or maybe you've hit the bottom financially, or perhaps you're having difficulty in school.  Maybe you are facing cancer or some other illness.  Perhaps you are facing depression or grieving the loss of a loved one.  Impossibilities ... we face them all the time.  What a relief to know that God can work out the situation in my life no matter how hopeless it seems to me.

     A man tells of walking down the street, and passing the lady who sold flowers.  She was old and wrinkled, but her face was alive with joy.  As he stopped to buy a flower, the man said, "You certainly look happy this morning."  She responded, cheerily, "Why not? Everything is good."  The man noticed how shabbily she was dressed, knew she must be very poor, noted how frail she seemed, so he said, "I only meant that you wear your troubles well."  She said, "Let me tell you how I do it. When Jesus was crucified on Good Friday, that was the worst day for the whole world.  Then, three days later – Easter – he rose again.  So, when I get troubles, I've learned to wait three days.  Somehow everything gets all right again."  The man related, "She smiled at me as she waved good-bye.  Her words still follow me whenever I think I have troubles. I 'wait three days.' "

     The God of the impossible has a way, in God’s own time, of bringing hope out of our hopelessness and life out of our death.  We have all felt the sad, seeming finality of the words of the text, "You killed him" – but after three days the impossible was made possible, and the rest of the text resounds with victory, "But God raised him from the dead!"

     That's the glorious fact of Easter's resurrection!


 Blessings and Peace,

                                     Ron Krueger



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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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