December 4, 2019

December 4, 2019

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August 2017

August 9, 2017


For Everything there is a season, and a time for

every matter under heaven.”—Ecclesiastes 3:1


     During the recent Independence Day holiday, my older son’s oldest son, Jack, and I had a discussion that included this passage.  It started when he chose The Lion King DVD for his cousin, his brothers, and me to watch.  I told him that the movie always reminded me of this passage.  Then I showed him the collage that my cousin, Jackie, had created for my ordination using the Ecclesiastes passage and images from The Lion King.   I have it hanging in my bedroom at the Kastle.

     I chose this passage for my ordination because it spoke to me, reassuring me that I really was not too old to change vocations (yet again), and that I had “time” to accomplish what God had in mind for me.  Now, I don’t believe in predestination or that God lays out a step by step plan for my life, but I do believe that God gives me intelligence to make decisions, guides my choices, and stays with me as I try different things rejecting some and including some in my life or as in this case, changing my life.

     Last week I had the opportunity to talk with my 7-year-old grandson about changes in life.  As we drove by a “village” of campers under a freeway, Luke asked me how people get to be homeless.  We discussed “bad” choices and that many folks throughout the world don’t have families to support them in life.  He was puzzled by a life where someone doesn’t have support from family and friends.  He, as do most of us, lives a “privileged” life.  Most of us have the means to obtain not only what we need, but also what we want.   The conversation ended when Luke chose to accept what I told him, but I could tell by his face reflected in the rearview mirror that he remained puzzled. 

     These two incidents of conversation with 2 of my grandsons converged to give me the opportunity to

fine tune my thoughts on immigration – most especially over the Independence Day holiday.  Just

like picking and choosing what scriptural passages we will follow, those that guide our lives, I do pick and choose which laws I follow.   That’s not a pleasant admission, but it’s true.  I will drive over the speed limit when I don’t think the posted speed limit is appropriate for the traffic conditions and, honestly, if I’m in a hurry to get where I’m going.   The Independence Day holiday celebration reminded me that “my” ancestors in the United States disobeyed a law that they thought was unjust, the tax on tea, when Great Britain still ruled our country.  Without that disobedience, we would not have the lives we do, for good or bad.  I believe that the Immigration ban that has been implemented in the US is a similar law.  I believe that the new policies are unjust and that we, the citizens, are the ones who can make the changes necessary to give those potentially good citizens the opportunity to make their lives the best that they can for themselves and those that follow them.  I believe that it is my duty as a good Christian to join with others in speaking out, demonstrating if necessary, and writing expressing my opinion to those in government who make such unjust policies.  It is the “season” to be heard in support of those seeking a home in the US through immigration.  It is time for this matter to become important in our lives. 

     Come talk to me about your views.  I may not agree, but I promise to listen.

     Grandson Jack, concluded our viewing of my ordination artwork by saying something like, “Nanny, not to hurt your feelings, but when you’re gone, I would like to have that picture.”  I tried not to let him see that I cried.

     Blessings all,



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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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