Immanuel's Teams

Called to Care (C2C)

Called to Care is dedicated to serving those in the church who need attention and care for one reason or another.

Christian Education Commission (CEC)

Christian Education at Immanuel today has its roots in that early church established so long ago.  Founder George Goedecke, Sr., as a father of seven children, took great interest in Christian training and along with Elizabeth Robinson, a public school teracher, organized the first Sunday School in 1918.

At present, Immanuel's Christian Education program is supervised by the Christian Education Commission, an elected board dedicated to maintaining the high standards lauded in church history.


The Consistory is the governing body for the business of the church.  It consists of the pastor and eight members who are elected by the congregation.

These items usually come directly under the auspices of the Consistory:

  • The Building and Grounds person or persons tends to repairs and to the upgrades on church buildings and grounds.

  • Supervising the budget, directing church personnel, trouble shooting, decision making that does not require the entire church to interact---all of the these circumstances that call for management are the Consistory's responsibility.

  • Special projects are primarily fund raisers, often parking activities for Old Town Spring such as the Crawfish Festival, Rod Run, and Home for the Holidays are coordinated by the Consistory.

DC4K: Divorce Care for Kids

DC4K is a comprehensive, Christ-centered program focusing on the specific struggles of children ages 5-12 who are hurting and confused by the divorce or separation of their parents.  


The Evangelism Team builds communication in the church through use of phone calls, emails, cards, and personal contact.  


  • Encourages greeting and welcoming among members and visitors.

  • Works on publicity for the church.

  • Urges use of a FaceBook page and maintenance of a website.

  • Sponsors activities for community and church.

  • Hosts Senior Day, a day of dining and recreation for seniors in the Spring area.

Family Parish Life

The Team plans the church social calendar.  It consists of one member from each team and three members at large.  The FPL Team is ably chaired by Diana Haude, who works hard for the church, including the Friday Nite Out and Adult Game Nite.

Mission and Outreach

The Mission and Outreach Team recommends monthly mission projects and other areas of need as they occur.  

Local projects such as food banks and Habitat for Humanity are among mission concerns as well as national and international needs such as One Great Hour of Sharing and Church World Service.


"At Immanuel Church, we live out the belief that Mission is the Mission of the Church." 

Music Ministry

Whether it is joining the Choir, Choir Chimes, Praise Team and Band, or a budding Soloist, Immanuel has many options for those wishing to share their musical talents with our congregation.

Pastoral Relations Committee

The Pastoral Relations Team meets quarterly to discuss any issues within the church that need addressing. They are also a vital link between the pastor and the congregation.

Worship Committee

Immanuel's Worship Committee meets monthly to select musical offerings to enhance our Sunday morning worship as well as other special services. 

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Updated  December 4, 2019

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