This team meets every third Sunday at 12:30 p.m. in the Conference Room.  








     Lots of things are happening. Publicity is buzzing. Check the calendars in your local papers—the Observer and Impact—for notes about Immanuel.  Also, look at our Facebook page; we’re there, too.  And Susan Sager, who maintains the web site, can tell us the number of hits we get there.  Our Vacation Bible School sign on Spring Cypress Road got us a donation of about $600 in materials (ask Kathy).  Soon, we will have yard signs inviting folks to our church.  If you are interested in getting a yard sign, call Margaret Smith or Janice Myers.

     In the works:  a new approach to following up with visitors, a coffee fellowship to welcome our interim pastor and his family on July 21, possibly a new and different workshop this fall that will help us examine our individual weaknesses and strengths. 

Come, be a part of our Evangelism Team, help our church to grow in membership, and continue to embrace this wonderful family we call Immanuel.


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Immanuel United Church, UCC

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Updated  July 9, 2019