The Consistory Team is our governing body of Immanuel.  

This team meets  every second Sunday at 12:30 p.m. in the Conference Room.












November 10 Consistory Meeting Highlights


  • After consideration the Consistory voted to advance a quote of $59,000 to a congregational vote for re-shingling the church and parsonage roofs.  The need has been fairly evident on the south facing sides of the sanctuary and parish hall for the last couple years.  Doing this now will protect the buildings from leaks and avoid future water damage repair disruptions.  The $25,000 insurance dispute settlement received earlier this year for hail damage to the roofs that occurred April 25, 2016 will cover more than 1/3 of the cost.  The Immanuel Constitution requires that any single repair exceeding 5% of the annual church budget, approximately $10,000, be approved by majority vote of the congregation.  There is already a Congregational meeting scheduled for December in this case, or, if necessary, a special Congregational meeting may be called earlier by giving two-week notice.

  • Look for a new mail box soon.  The church, parsonage, and daycare all share the same street address with mail delivered to two mail boxes located near the entrance of the day care.  The white mail box receives parsonage mail.  The darker, more angular, mailbox receives both church and daycare mail.  Once the box is opened the postal carrier places mail through an inner slot in the box.  A key is required to open the inner compartment and recover the mail to sort between church and daycare.  Recently the inner compartment has been pried open several times by unknown persons.  After consulting with the post office, the whole mailbox is being replaced with a more secure design.

  • A Budget Subcommittee is in the process of being selected to review 2019 actual expenses, trends, pledges, and to work with Pastor Joshua to put forward a 2020 Budget recommendation.  This will be reviewed by the Consistory members and then presented as a recommendation to the full congregation in December for review and a vote.  Also, four of eight Consistory members will be rotating off their two-year terms in January, so if you are interested in serving a term please share your thoughts with Pastor Joshua or one of the existing Consistory Committee members.  Nominations will be requested from the floor in the December Congregational meeting.

  • Office Manager Susan Sager has asked to cut back to 3 days per week, so we will be seeking one or more people who can step in and maintain the 10 am to 2 pm office hours the remaining 2 days per week.

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