Most recently, “Called to Care” has initiated a notification system whereby one who requests prayers can notify a “C2C” representative and that person in turn will notify others to elicit prayers from a limited audience or the whole congregation.


We know there are many people who could benefit from our various outreach activities.  We would like to have their names and needs so that we can help.  Please fill in information on the back of your attendance cards in the pews.  If you wish, you may contact Rev. Krueger with your concerns.  All information is confidential.
















     Called to Care is conducting a new service for the homebound at Immanuel called HomeTouch®, a Ministry for the Homebound.  HomeTouch® consists of packets of inspirational and educational material that will go to certain members of Immanuel at regular intervals.

     If you think you would benefit from this material, notify Susan in the church office or Elise Daulley, and you will be placed on the mail-out list if you are not already there.  We want all who wish to receive these packets to have this advantage.


     Called to Care could use caring members.  Please consider joining the C2C group.  Call Chuck Hines for more information.

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Updated  July 9, 2019