Bible Study meets every other Wednesday morning, 10:00 until noon.  The study is sequential and progressive as the members wish to read and study as much of the entire text of the Bible as possible.  

Class activity involves reading from the Bible, performing comparative studies of various translations, and relating the text to history, reputed authorship, myth and symbolism.  The sessions lean strongly on Bible criticism and commentary and personal observations of class members. Open discussion is encouraged.  These observations drive the class as members seek to reconcile their faith with their reading.  All are welcome to join us in our progress through the Bible.





Paul, the great evangelist, traveled into the land of the Gentiles where he established many little Christian churches, some Hebrew, some Gentile.  He wrote letters to certain of these groups and to others to establish and maintain contact.  The first of Paul’s letters is to the Romans.  Romans is perhaps the most important and is certainly the most revered by early reformists.  It is said that Martin Luther was so deeply impressed by Romans that he committed the whole book to memory.

Rev. Lawrence is leading us through the study of Romans.  Bible Study will not meet in December and will resume after the first of the year.  We invite anyone to join us.

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Updated  December 4, 2019

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