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As one of the oldest churches in the Spring area, Immanuel United Church, UCC traces its beginnings to 1916.  Immanuel UCC was founded in 1916 by second generation German immigrants.  Originally, Immanuel was a German Lutheran church and as the denomination underwent mergers, became an Evangelical and Reformed church, and in 1957, the United Church of Christ, a new denomination, better known in the North and East than in the South, which emphasizes ecumenical openness and unity.

Located on the corner of Spring Cypress Road and Border Street at the entrance to Old Town Spring, Immanuel is housed in a traditional structure of pink brick which sits on a spacious lawn surrounded by trees and flowers. The interior is just as traditional, a beamed sanctuary aglow with stained glass. 

We consider our church to be a LAMB church, a little church who quietly and meekly strive to bring the same kind of ministry to their members and the community and to reach out in mission where help is needed as the larger (LION) churches in the area.  Today, Immanuel United Church is a small but very active church.   It is a home where all who seek God are welcomed and loved.  Members are encouraged to utilize their leadership skills and creative talents to share the good news in new and exciting ways.


Pastor Joshua Lawrence guides the worship and programs of the church.  Joshua seeks to blend contemporary and traditional for his small congregation so that worship meets the needs of all.  Christian Education is a priority with regular Bible Study, adult church school classes, and a vital program for children and youth.

Immanuel considers itself a community church in its proximity to Old Town Spring and nearby subdivisions.  The church has an active program for community seniors.  On the third Thursday of the month, senior citizens are provided a home cooked meal, brief entertainment, fellowship, and competitive games.  We call this Senior Day and have a lot of members in the community attend.  In the wider community, Immanuel is a staunch supporter of Northwest Assistance Ministries (NAM) and helps throughout the year with their various activities.


Mission is Immanuel's strong suit.  The congregation seeks to reach out to others by sharing this love in its mission activities.  In the past, we have helped sponsor the work of a team that went to Haiti to aid children in orphanages there.  Frequently, Immanuel sends its youth on week-long mission/work trips, has monthly drives for giving to charitable programs, and participates in Walks and Bike Rides as fundraisers.  Statistics on the per capita support for mission work in this tiny church are staggering. 

We host Garage Sales, Fall Festivals, Craft Fairs and parking for Old Town Spring events, which all bring in revenue for Immanuel.  This much-needed revenue for general upkeep, small carpentry jobs, major cleaning and landscaping help keep our church going.

Immanuel United Church, UCC celebrated 100 Years of Christian Service in July, 2016 and we look forward to celebrating the next 100 years!

Meet our Staff

Rev. Joshua Lawrence was called by Immanuel to be the pastor in July 2019. He brings eight years of ordained ministerial experience as well as classroom instruction at the collegiate level. In addition to his role as pastor, Joshua is completing his doctorate in religion at the University of Denver.  Joshua is married to Amariee Collins, a medical practitioner, community organizer, and Air Force veteran. Together, they have three sons; Elijah, Aaron, and Luke. The family is rounded out by two fur babies.

You are welcome to email Rev. Lawrence at: joshua.a.lawrence@gmail.com.

Joshua Lawrence


Jeanine Pitts

Choir Director

Mike Davison

a/k/a "Mr. Mike"

Youth Leader

Adam Mayo


Jeanette Davis


Susan Sager

Office Manager

Terri Davis


Dolores Barrios

Nursery Attendant

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Immanuel United Church, UCC

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